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William Roach

Artist and home:


My name is William D. Roach and my home is Cheticamp, N.S.


Background & Occupation: 

I  am French Acadian Metis and I have been a full time artist for the last 35 years. Before that I drove truck and did carpentry work.


Artist Inspiration & Influence:


I was interested in art at a very young age and my Uncle bought me my first knife at 5 years old and showed me how to carve. From there over the years I did alot of carving on the side and worked my full time job.  

Art Methods & Techniques: 


I was very inspired by the artist Sid Howard. Sid always told me get out there and follow your dream...because he felt he waited to long before followed his. So he really inspired me to become a full time artist.

In the early years I  carved but did not paint alot of my work and then I started painting with bright colours. I experimented with different woods and also started doing paintings on canvas.

Artistic Recognition: 


I have had 5 solo shows and participated in many others, participated for 24 years of the (NS Folk Art) festival but I have been absent for the last five.


- won the Grand Pre Prize of NS

- have been on a number of NS tourism commercials

- have been on Tv show "On the Road Again

- a private visit from Govenor General of Canada (Adrianne Clarkson)

- Just published my own book 2014  "William Roach Folk Artist" and have been in many other books. 

-you can go on my website that will mention everything I have done and received.

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