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Katrina Roefs

Artist and home:


Katrina Roefs, Berwick Nova Scotia 


Background & Occupation: 

I am a chartered professional accountant


Artist Inspiration & Influence:


Growing up my mother and aunt took up decorative painting as a hobby, as a child I would paint with them, and when they tired of the hobby I inherited all their supplies. I continued to use these paints to create various works and finally applied to the Folk Art Festival in 2009 and began displaying and selling my art publically. From this I have continued to develop my skills and have grown my portfolio of sold works.

Art Methods & Techniques: 


The supplies I use have improved which has contributed to the overall quality of my work. I think through the ten or so years that I have been publicly selling and displaying my work my technique has improved and my paintings are much more detailed. I also like to try new techniques as I go along, such as changing how I blend colors or set up the composition of a painting. Also in the past three to four years I have started painting on more found objects including furniture, and incorporating driftwood. This has proven to be popular with the public and is something that I am incorporating more as I continue to paint.

Artistic Recognition: 


I have had people send emails that they bought a certain piece and would like additional works. I once had a woman from Germany request 12 additional paintings. Displaying at the NS Folk Art Festival allows you to see the public’s reaction to your work first hand which you don’t really get in other situations. I have had many good conversations, and received positive feedback from the public while displaying at the festival.

The last year I was at the folk art festival was 2016. During 2017 I took the year off as we welcomed our first baby in May and I was unable to complete enough quality pieces to have a display at the festival. 

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