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Ralph Ward


Artist and home:

My name is James (angrybuzzard) Ward and I live in Steam mill Nova Scotia. I have been carving for about 12 years and been making different things for as long as I can remember.


Background & Occupation: 


I have worked for the Nova Scotia Health Authority for the past 17 years as the shipper /receiver


Artist Inspiration & Influence:


I make all my creations from reused, reclaimed, found or recycled wood. They are all one of a kind as I don’t think I could make the same thing twice If I had to.

I take my inspiration from everyday insects and critters I either see around my yard or see in an article or news program. Sometimes they just come to me from my imagination as I look at a strange piece of wood.

Artistic Recognition: 


I have had an article printed about me in the Chronicle Herald back in 2016 and have many items in homes throughout the country.


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