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Leander White

Artist and home:


Leander White, Kennetcook, Hants Co., NS


Background and Occupation: 


Always enjoyed building things and working with wood especially carving.  I’ve done a lot of manual labour and enjoy working with my hands.

Artist Inspiration and Influence:


I believe I was inspired by my father, as he made wood carvings and oil paintings and also enjoyed working with wood, like I do. I remember one time when I was very young I made a duck out of clay.  I showed my father and he said it was really good, for someone my age. 

Art Methods & Techniques: 


I don’t think my methods and techniques have changed much except for trying to improve and make them look as real as possible.

Artistic Recognition: 


I’ve had a lot of complements and had an article wrote  in a small local newspaper.



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