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Eddie Conrad

Artist and home:


Eddie Conrad, Bridgewater, NS 


Background & Occupation: 

I went fishing out of Lunenburg in my younger years from the time.  I was thirteen years old until I was twenty-seven, worked in the fish plant a few years and worked for Bridgestone-Firestone for thirty-five years until retirement.


Artist Inspiration & Influence:


I hurt my back and needed something to do while recovering in1991. On April 13, 1991 I carved my first owl. I carved off an on for a few years as time permitted. 

After my wife passed away, I put a few pieces of folk art in a consignment store in New Germany and Lee McClair bought a few pieces of my work and contacted me. After coming to my home and seeing my work he introduced me the Folk Art Society.

Art Methods & Techniques: 


Now I do quite a few different carvings.

Artistic Recognition: 


I have become recognized through selling my at the NS  Folk Art Show.

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