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Wilfred Saulnier


Artist and home:


My name is Wilfred Saulnier, and I live on Burns Hill Road in Deep Brook


Background and Occupation: 


I was always working with wood or creating many different things from wood. I also worked at AF Theriault Ship Builders in the early days.

Artist Inspiration and Influence:


Well I would have to say that its not  so very difficult creating some pieces of art especially when you can just about picture what you would  like to make from wood because sometimes the very nature of it displays half if not all  in the piece you were looking for.nd they come every years to buy them from me.  So I got to into it. I love it.

Art method and techniques changed over time: 


When I go to make a piece of art. Lately, it gets a bit easier each time, or I get more comfortable while creating it with the piece. 

Artistic Recognition: 


I have created in the past- 2 pieces, one for the Metis Nation of the eastern woodlands, and also an African mask which I donated to the Yarmouth African society and had my picture in the Yarmouth Vanguard at the time some years ago.

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