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Laura Kenney

Artist and home:


I am a hooker…rug hooker that is. I live in Truro with my husband, two children and two cats.


Background & Occupation: 


My degree is in Chemistry from Carleton University. My previous jobs include: Research Assistant, Data Entry Clerk and ESL teacher.


Artist Inspiration & Influence:


I like the idea of a blank piece of burlap and being able to hook whatever I want.  I don’t have a boss, or stakeholder to please…I am free… and that feels pretty good.


This didn’t inspire me to become an artist, but I remember someone showed one of my rugs to their Mom who was ill, and the daughter said her Mom and laughed and laughed…it cheered her up and that was very cool for me.


Art Methods & Techniques: 


I used to use just yarn as I didn’t have a cutter. Now, 20 years later I use wool strip, yarn, sari-ribbon and roving.  The subjects of my rugs have changed…at first they were mostly about my kids and they become more political.


Artistic Recognition: 


2016  Art Gallery of NS Blog, Terroir 

2016  Local Xpress,  Laura Kenney hooks a Maritime woman’s world

2016  Steven Rhude, Blog Tits up and and failed selfies

2014 Feature in  “Simply Modern by Deanne Fitzpatrick

2014  The Chronicle Herald, Harvest Gallery Show with Steven Rhude

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