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Jim Tracey


Artist and home:

Jim Tracey lives in Falmouth with his wife Alica.He has 2 daughters and 2 grand daughters.


Background & Occupation: 


I have been whittling since a young man.I started carving full time when the mining company that I worked for closed down about ten years ago.


Artist Inspiration & Influence:


Garnet MacPhail who attended the Nova Scotia Folk Art festival from its inception met me one day and told me I should be showing my work at the Festival.

So I applied and the rest is history.

I did not realize that what I was doing was actually something called folk art.

When I attended the first festival and saw what everyone was doing I realized there were

lots of people out there that enjoyed my quirky sense of humor and love of colors.

Art Methods & Techniques: 


I like to whittle all kinds of things from small little critters and up to 8.5 feet tall Fishermen.

If doing large pieces I will rough out with my chain saw.Then I use chisels,knives, grinders and sanders.

I like to use reclaimed wood and other materials in my creations.

Artist Recognition: 


An article in Saltscapes Magazine about me and my work.


Poster Artist at the Nova Scotia Folk Art Festival in 2018 of a 5 foot Jester on a Unicycle.


Pieces of my work all over the world.

What memorable responses have you had to your work?

One gentleman told me his piece he had just purchased would become quite valuable when I died.

So be careful when walking across the parking lot today(with a chuckle).


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