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Joe Balcom

Artist and home:

Joseph E. Balcom is married to Audrey Balcom, and grandmother of two, and one great-grand son. Currently lives in Nictaux South, Middleton, Nova Scotia.  


Background and Occupation:

Worked for many years in the moving industry.  Traveled all over the country.

Artist Inspiration and Influence:

Was always interested in sketching from when I was young.  Just liked creating things with my hands. In my travels I would go by Maud Lewis’ home on a regular bases.  Guess it got to me thinking. In hind site, I wish I would of dropping in.


Art method and techniques:

To the point where, some people think I go to great detail.

Artistic Recognition:

When I was young, I was visited by a Scout from the well known Art Talent Mail-in Contest.  I also have a piece of work in a Gallery in Italy.

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