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Rick Brittain (1957-2019)

Artist and home:


Rick Brittain, my wife Shirley and I live outside of Kentville in the Valley 


Background & Occupation: 

Just retired from30 years at Michelin tire


Artist Inspiration & Influence:


Always drew and created things from a small child,first painted in my teens then off and on through the years often making things for my 2 daughters. Started selling in my mid 40 s after building 100 s of birdhouses out of recycled wood and driftwood, began painting  again at the encouragement of Inga Hatton, who liked my things.

Growing up in Yarmouth near the sea and living in the country around animmals,my first pictures were all of my horses.A trip ro Brier island about 15 years ago inspired me  greatly and we go there for a week every summer.

Art Methods & Techniques: 


Always apapting,paint on wood of diff. Textures ,usually with acrylics so    there are always new things and challenges withh each picture,mainly because of the nature of fthe wood.

Artistic Recognition: 


A pic of one of my carved birds on the cover of Canadian Crossword and 2 pics used in the Healer, filmed in Lun.(I think they used them,never saw the movie, can’t seem to download it, Inga has helped me greatly.

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