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Richard Crowe

Artist and home:


Richard Crowe, Halifax, NS


Background and Occupation: 


I have technical and business backgrounds and worked in both public and private sectors.  I worked as a draftsman, quantity surveyor, project manager and retired from the Federal Government as a client service director.

Artist Inspiration and Influence:


It’s a passion that’s difficult to explain but I make art primarily because I enjoy the process of making things I like taking an idea, thought or emotion and developing it into an object that gives me and others joy. It’s fun, frustratingly, challenge but tremendously satisfying to accomplish something you are satisfied with.

It was a real life situation that inspired me to become an artist. My wife saw a goose in an art gallery and encouraged me to carve one for her. I ‘m not sure, her description of the poor goose, or my creation but I was hooked and have been carving ever since.

Art method and techniques changed over time: 


Carving has been and continues to be a journey. I think my early work was more primitive and consisted mostly of single objects.  Gradually I attempted to become more adventurous and expressive by trying to communicate messages in my environment, observations of human behavior and events in my past and present.

Artistic Recognition: 


My work has been in Saltscapes Magazine 2017, the Upper Canadian Antique Showcase magazine in 2013 and the Chronicle Herald in 2008.

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