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Murray Gallant

Artist and home:


Was born and have lived his life in New Waterford, Cape Breton with his wife of 57 years. His three sons live and raised their families nearby.  Murray has six grandchildren and three great-grand children. 


Background and Occupation: 


Was a coal miner then worked for Public Works for the town of New Waterford for twenty plus years.  Folk art started as a hobby for me in 1973 and it became a passion very quickly.

Artist Inspiration and Influence:


Murray’s grandfather was an artist and taught me the craft.  Enjoyed making pieces that make other people smile and laugh.  I think art is a great way to connect people –some of pieces are as far away as Switzerland and New Zealand.

My grandfather, Henry, built a wooden windmill with a woman churning butter.  I was fascinated by it and decided to try carving one of my own.  When it was finished, I was hooked.

Art method and techniques changed over time: 


They haven’t. I have been doing wood carvings by hand since I first started.  My style has become well known over the years, and I am especially well-known for my polka-dots shopping ladies.

Artistic Recognition: 


I have pieces featured in the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia, Cape Breton University Art Gallery, and the Beaverbrook Art Gallery.  I have been interviewed by Live@5:00 and the Cape Breton Post. I’m honored to serve as 2017’s Poster Artist for the NS Folk Art Festival. 

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