Ethel Saulnier

Artist and home:


My name is Ethel Saulnier, and I live in Deep Brook on Burns Hill Rd.


Background and Occupation: 


Managed the fundy Trail Camp Ground and Restaurant, Eden Golf Club outside of Brightown. Cook in Tavern Digby, and worked in Riverport Fish Plant.  I did Food, and Banquets Preparation with colourful Trimmings.

Factors that drew you to be an artist and making art:


When I got sick and needed something to do, and as kid in school I liked to help Mom by drawing for her. As I got older I got into it more and more and start doing much better.

Artist Inspiration and Influence:


We were making folding tables and drawing pictures on the tops of them and selling them at the Local Farmers Markets. Then I sold some to people from all the world and they come every years to buy them from me.  So I got to into it. I love it.

Art method and techniques changed over time: 


I got more comfortable with how to  do the art. 

Artistic Recognition: 


I send pictures all over the world. Help many People to.  Print to Easter Woodland Metis Nation Yarmouth.


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