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Ian Fancey

Ian FanceySQ.jpg

Artist and home:

Born in New Glasgow and grew up in Westville, N.S.


Background & Occupation: 


Ian worked as a meteorologist in the Canadian Navy for 27 years, and then took up antiques dealing near Pugwash, Nova Scotia.  He and his wife Marilyn decided that mowing 7 acres was no longer enjoyable and moved from Pugwash to a smaller property in Springhill, Nova Scotia.  Ian began carving folk art in 1994 using mainly white pine. He had been attending the Nova Scotia Folk Art Festival from 1998 to 2015 and was honoured as the poster artist in 2006.  His work can be found in several galleries and homes across Canada, the UK and Europe. 


Artist Inspiration & Influence:


One of his friends talked him into trying folk art. He made a little wooden chest for his granddaughter, and painted it, and from then on that's all he wanted to do...folk art. From there he continued to sell his antiques, and started carving and painting.

Art Methods & Techniques: 


Painting and carving wood using bright, joyful colours.

Due to health issues Ian is no longer producing new artwork.

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