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Carla Zwicker

Artist and home:


My name is Carla Zwicker. My childhood was spent growing up in White Point, NS, near all the best beaches in NS. I have resided in Liverpool, NS. I have for owner 30 years. Married with 3 children and 3 grandsons.


Background & Occupation: 

I was a fulltime homemaker raising 3 children and did child care out of my home.  My children are now all grown and married.


Artist Inspiration & Influence:


I took up painting when ‘empty” nest arrived. Had always loved to draw and colour, and was intrigued by art. I started out trying realism, but I found my true joy when I started my whimsical form of folk art.

My grandfather and an uncle were amateur artist, and I always admired their efforts. I didn’t really ever attempt my own art until I picked up a painted rock in a shop and inspired to try painting my own and kept working at it.

Art Methods & Techniques: 


My first efforts were more tole painting style, began to do more whimsical and colorful folk art which inspired me more.  My great neighbour and friend the late Joe Winters who actually informed me that my art was folk art and encouraged me to submit work to the NSFAF.

Artistic Recognition: 


Pretty much everyone when they view my work express how “happy’ the pieces make them and they love the colours.  Favorites have become ‘cats’, crooked houses and my dearly trees. 

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