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Audrey Balcom

Artist and home:


Audrey Balcom is married to Joe Balcom, and grandmother of two, and one great-grand son. Currently lives in Wictaux South, Middleton, Nova Scotia.



Born and raised in Bridgetown, NS.  Am a Community volunteer for Tim Horton’s Camp and the Canadian Cancer Foundation.


Have always worked in the food industry. Have worked at Tim Horton’s for twenty-one years and presently the manager for Tim Horton’s in Greenwood, NS.


Artist Inspiration & Influence:


My husband is a folk artist, and watching over they years creating different items, going to the shows with and seeing the amazing art items, and meeting talented folk artists in their own way and different art forms. My sister taught me how to rug hook and this just snow balled from there. I love doing different pictures, and seeing the results. 

Art Methods & Techniques: 


I have found over the years time does change.  People are always looking for something I would have to be watching my husband painting and creating his pieces from scratch and what he can transform things into a beautiful piece of art that someone can appreciate different and unique.  I have tried to do items that no one else has thought of and I think are looking for.

Artistic Recognition: 


People look at my work and they say “you did that”or others say it is a lot of time and work put into the work.  That is so nice, and I find it is encouraging. 

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