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Gordon Clements

Artist and home:


Gordon L. Clements, age 69 years. Retired and lives Timberlea, Nova Scotia with his wife Judith (artist assistant).


Background and Occupation: 


My career began in 1965 at the Halifax Shipyards as a rigging apprentice.  Followed by being employed in the steel business for the next 46 years, learning the trade of welding and building steel components.

Artist Inspiration and Influence:


Always enjoyed creating items and the whimsical side to it.  Visiting the NS Folk Art Festival, and speaking to another metal artist, realized his is something I could do and enjoy as a hobby.

On a trip to the coast of Maine, saw a 15 feet fish constructed of recycled metal ‘junk’, and to think someone created an outstanding metal art sculpture was amazing.

Art method and techniques changed over time: 


With experience I have become more creative and the painting/finishing has become better quality from simple pieces to elaborate pieces. 

Artistic Recognition: 


Being featured as a folk artist in the Chronicle Herald in 2011, and the video featured on the folk art festival website.   Also the comments and compliments received from viewers/purchasers at the Folk Art Festival Show.  My work makes them smile and gives them enjoyment!

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