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Hika Wagner

Artist and home:


Hika Wagner, Weymouth, Nova Scotia


Background and Occupation: 


Day care worker, Dog walker, gardener, animal shelter worker, mink pelt co-op factory worker.

Artist Inspiration and Influence:


I could always draw and always liked drawing.  When I was 14 I started painting. It is something I like to do. One day went for a walk and saw a rabbit. I decided to paint the rabbit on a piece of driftwood.  After that I started painting on wood all the time.

Art Methods & Techniques: 


When I started painting I used oils now I use acrylic.  I used to draw on the driftwood now I paint on it.  When I started painting I only painted on canvas. Now most of my paintings are on wood.

Artistic Recognition: 


People tell me my paintings make them happy.


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